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The Rams agree to terms with Robert Quinn: Signed, but not really.

Today, the Rams signed first round pick Robert Quinn. Terms of the deal aren't disclosed as of right now. As you may recall, Robert Quinn had issues with his former agent. He finally signed a new agent Friday, and the deal was finalized today.

Quinn was drafted with the 14th pick in the NFL Draft. He was a gifted passrusher at North Carolina, but got suspended his junior season. 

Quinn, will be counted on to bring a good pass rush. It might have been a gamble to draft him, but Quinn and Long could become a great duo. But right now, the Rams will be happy to finally bring him into camp, and put him through the paces.

Now, the whole 2011 draft class can practice, and get used to the NFL game.

Update: Okay here is clarifaction on the issue. The Rams say the deal isn't done. But Jim Thomas, said they agreed in terms. Also Tony Softli said on twitter, that his sources say, that the deal is done. However, the NFAPA says that after a player fires his agent he has to wait five days to sign one.

So basically, he will be on the team soon.