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St. Louis Rams add DT Justin Bannan

DT Justin Bannan is the newest member of the St. Louis Rams.
DT Justin Bannan is the newest member of the St. Louis Rams.

The St. Louis Rams added another free agent today. Joining the team on a three-year deal is veteran defensive tackle Justin Bannan. Bannan was released by the Broncos after one season in Denver. 

What can Bannan do for the Rams' DL?

Coming from the Ravens, Bannan was just another player lost in Josh McDaniels, uh, spotty personnel management while running the Broncos. Bannan can play in both the five- and three-technique spots. He has that versatility, but will mostly be featured as an inside tackle with the Rams. Pass rushing isn't really his forte, but he is strong at the point of attack and a can occupy blockers and clog lanes. He also tackles well. 

Bannan is 32, so it's another 30+ DT to join Robbins. However, with Quinn and Spagnuolo's proclivity for stockpiling defensive ends, he won't be a three down player. 

Here's a thorough breakdown of Bannan from Mile High Report, complete with the Xs and Os football junkies will love.

This probably signals that Gary Gibson, a free agent, will not return.