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VanRam is an Animal!

VanRam at a press conference

  Out of a forest of ones and zeros steps a man to lead a rabble of the like minded. Fearless as he is tireless, he scans the horizon for what is needed to be known. When the moment comes, he writes like the wind. Again, then again, he rises to the challenge to inform in the dark world that is the NFL.

  Ryan Van Bibber, intrepid leader of the Turf Show Times cohort, never sleeps. Well, almost never sleeps. His mornings most likely start with rubbing keyboard impressions from his forehead, having fallen asleep at his computer. His days are spent scouring the Internet for news to convey to the TST faithful. Ryan is flanked by his trusty sidekick Joe McAtee (known to the masses as 3K). Joe is not so much the yang to Ryan's yin as he is the erudite, meticulous gatherer of facts to be spun into informative, well written yarns that catch the TST's faithfuls eyes. Think Robin Hood and Will Scarlett... Batman and Robin... Turner and Hooch...

  Ryan has a team of sorts. A bevy of authors who chime in on occasion. I count myself the rookie of this great bunch of people and I know I need to do more to live up to my place on a sports blog team that is one of the most viewed NFL blogs in all of SBNation. A blog built to what it is today by Ryan.

 Known as VanRam to us all, he out posts his entire team by at least 20 to one. The man is a machine folks. He's James Patterson or Steven King prolific. He should ghost write for Peter King. If the lockout had continued, I have no doubt he would have found a way to write articles about Cricket interesting enough to have us commenting on why  J.H. Kallis is better than K.C. Sangakkara...

 So Ryan, from myself and all the TST gang... Thank you for all you do!