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Jacob Bell still with the St. Louis Rams?

Jacob Bell was on the field with his team this afternoon.
Jacob Bell was on the field with his team this afternoon.

St. Louis Rams offensive guard Jacob Bell has joined his team for afternoon practice at training camp today. Big deal, right? Normally, Bell would be just another player on the field. Today, however, his inclusion in practice is notable since reports had him being released last night. 

Bell was not on the field this morning for walkthroughs, which seemed to further indicate that his release was pending. The Rams asked him to restructure his contract in order to clear salary cap room, and he had reportedly refused. Thus his absence from morning walkthroughs.

His presence on the field this afternoon could signal that he has agreed to rework his contract, which would have counted $7.2 million against the cap this year. It doesn't necessarily imply that, however. It's possible the Rams have decided not to pursue a  restructured contract with Bell, possibly because they don't figure to spend much more in free agency. I suspect it's the former, but as I said this morning, the details are really hazy around this situation. Stay tuned.