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St. Louis Rams roster moves: Nothing official on Jacob Bell...yet

One piece of news that mattered as much as the all the free agent rumors and news for the St. Louis Rams was word that they would release OG Jacob Bell. Bell, the report said, refused to restructure his contract, reducing the $7.2 million cap hit, leaving the Rams no choice but to release him. However, since last night's reports surfaced on Twitter, nothing has been made official. 

This morning, the Post-Dispatch - they may not always have the first scoop, but they are the last word for Rams reports like this - reported that the Rams' free agent moves "could spell the end" for Bell. If the PD is saying that, I would think that such a move is likely...but by no means a done deal. 

Bell never gave the Rams the kind of play his contract made him worth, but he gave a young line some consistency. It's possible that last night's report got out ahead of the actuality, i.e. the "league source" let that slip before the Rams front office were done giving it the old college try on Bell and his agent. 

If he does get cut, it at least sends a signal that this front office will walk away from players that aren't living up to their contracts. That willingness can save much hassle down the line. 

Here's our reaction piece from last night, with more on the Rams options for the interior OL without Bell. Again, I'll say it's probably a good bet that Bell is getting cut, but this week has been all about massive overstatement and innuendo when it comes to roster moves and free agency.