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Random Ramsdom, 7/3: Top ten

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St. Louis Rams news and links
St. Louis Rams news and links

Long weekends are a win-win. You get a break, and your company gets an employee that's damn glad to be back at their job after some extended family time. I suspect that's exactly how the NFL will feel when and if it ever resumes. Some holiday linkage to stave off boredom.

Sides make progress on revenue split with N.Y. talks on tap
The owners and players still have much work to do, but major progress was made to fix the revenue split, the overriding issue in the entire labor battle, on Thursday night and Friday morning. In fact, one source said that if smaller pieces connected to it don't shift the numbers too much, it "might not even being a stumbling block going forward."

2012 NFL Draft: Watch out for these underclassman breakout candidates
A look at some potential breakout candidates among the underclassmen. Which ones will opt for the 2012 NFL Draft next year?

Making the Grade: Running Backs, 2008-2010
Pro Football Focus looks at the most effective running backs from the last three years. There's a conspicuous omission on the list.

Top 10 Running Backs in N.F.L.

Steven Jackson makes the list. Last year he was ranked third, but slips to eighth this year. These rankings are bad on tape study, so there's a certain amount of subjectivity to it. Effectiveness aside, there is no room for argument when it comes to Jackson's resoluteness as a runner. 

Top 10 Quarterbacks in N.F.L.
The NYT's Fifth Down blog continues its top ten position rankings. Tom Brady tops the list again, but his lead over other elite quarterbacks is small. Rams' QB Sam Bradford gets the nod for the youngster to watch next year.

Dallas going to dump WR Roy Williams

The Rams have plenty of projects to work on at receiver as it is, so you can probably ignore this one. Still, he'll be an intriguing offseason story to watch. Can he finally put it together?