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St. Louis Rams sign Mike Sims-Walker

The St. Louis Rams have added a veteran wide receiver, but not one of the World War I veterans, like Plaxico Burress, that had been talked about so often. From out of nowhere, free agent WR Mike Sims-Walker reported that he is now a Ram

Whispers of the Rams interested in free agent wide receivers surfaced all week. There were even a few whoppers late today that had them talking trade with the Colts for walking cadaver Anthony Gonzalez and a Twitter rumor of St. Louis as a suitor for Braylon Edwards. Instead, they got Sims-Walker. 

MSW agreed to a one-year deal with the Rams. Shrewd on the part of Devaney and COO Kevin Demoff. Walker isn't among the flashier picks to he had in this receiver market. If he buys into Spagnuolo's system, as in the team mentality, and the chance to work with Sam Bradford, it could turn out to be a real steal for the Rams. Look what he did with David Garrard throwing him the ball. 

Walker's a big guy at 6'2" 214 lbs that can run routes well and plays physical. If he doesn't pan out, the Rams have a stable of receivers that can provide some answers in the short-term. He might not even be a lock to make the roster.

How this shakes things up among the receiver log jam is anyone's guess. I'd say it probably makes it harder for Brandon Gibson to crack the final roster. And, as the Jacob Bell release proves, we don't really know what plans Devaney et al have for the team.