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St. Louis Rams will release OG Jacob Bell

So long Jacob Bell.
So long Jacob Bell.

Add a guard, dump a guard. Hours after signing free agent guard Harvey Dahl from the Atlanta Falcons, the St. Louis Rams will be cutting their other starting guard, Jacob Bell. The news comes via Jason LaCanfora of the NFL Network

According to LaCanfora's report, the Rams asked Bell to restructure his contract. He refused, and the free agent market has another capable starter available. (Please don't go to Arizona, please don't go to Arizona). 

That's a real loss for the Rams. With the Dahl addition, they had three solid guards: Bell, Dahl and Greco for depth as a third. Now, they have one experienced starter in Dahl. Greco, who doesn't have many NFL snaps. And very little behind them, nothing you feel good about anyway. It makes depth a real priority, if not adding another starter. Personally, I think Greco can be a capable starter. Plenty of NFL starters emerge with little to now starting experience, and Greco has shown well, not perfect, in limited duty. 

So what are their options? They can find a low cost, plug and play type among free agents, Brian Waters for instance. Or maybe there's depth to be had somewhere else. I also think they need a backup center, given Jason Brown's injury history and less than stellar play last year. They may have to make due with Hank Fraley; I'm probably over reacting to the b/u center need a little too.