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Offical: Out with the young and in with the old? Rams looking at Al Harris

Yes , the 37 year old Al Harris might sign with the Rams. Harris is said to be in St. Louis talking to the Rams. This will be a surprising move for the Rams if true. But Harris is the prototype corner for Spags, very physical, and will get in your face.

The rumor seems legit, so it could happen. If he is signed, he would be the slot cornerback for the Rams. Theteam wasn't good against slot receivers last season, but Harris could be a big upgrade. At this point, we don't know how he will play coming back from injury.

What would this do for young corners Justin King and Jerome Murphy? That remains to be seen, but Harris is old, if he is signed, I'm sure one of these two players will alternate in with him some.

This could also mean trying Murphy at safety. It's all speculation at this point though.

Updated: says Al Harris agreed to a one year contract. Thanks BuckNasty87 for the link.