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NFL free agent rumors: More receiver talk for Rams

Wide receiver Plaxico Burress
Wide receiver Plaxico Burress

Hungry fans have plenty of NFL free agent rumors to feed on after missing out on February's free agent theater. After announcing deals with G Harvey Dahl and LB Zac Diles, the St. Louis Rams are again the subject of more rumors, this time connecting them with Plaxico Burress.

According to John Clayton on Sports Center, Burress "might" have a sit down with the Rams and Eagles, in addition to visits with the Steelers and Giants. Like a zombie, nothing kills talk about the Rams and Burress. Maybe there really is something to it. There have been vapor trails between the Rams and a couple other free agent bit-part wide receivers. It also could be more evidence of negotiations playing out through the media. Be smart fans, smart news consumers, do not take everything you hear at face value. 

As for Mark Clayton, there's much hand wringing that things have been so quiet about a contract that was almost done prior to the lockout. As we noted earlier this week, Howard Blazer of ESPN 101 said that "it will be done." There's no reason to think it won't happen still. Remember, unrestricted free agents, including those from the team's previous year's roster, can't visit, take physicals, try out or sign a contract until 5 p.m. Central.