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Rams sign former Texan OLB Zac Diles

The Rams just reached a one year agreement with Zac Diles, former OLB from the Houston Texans. We've had some mixed reviews of Diles recently, but there is no doubt that he brings another option to the wide open door that our current OLB's have left him.

I strongly see David Vobora being given a chance to start, but at this point, it is anyone's best guess. The Rams have been fairly active today, signing both Diles and Harvey Dahl, and also have been negotiating with Snelling and Brandon Mebane.

In Diles career, he's played 50 games, resulting in 1 sack, 1 INT, and 283 tackles. He had 105 last year, with 82 of them being solo.

VanRam says he has good awareness and has good tackling abilities.