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Rams free agent talk: Harvey Dahl and Jason Snelling update

St. Louis Rams fans perched on the edge of their seats might want to settle in for a long show. Free agent rumors that the Rams have agreed to terms with Falcons G Harvey Dahl sent the typically pastoral world of Twitter into a frenzy. Here's where things stand and why it might take more than a few hours to see this thing resolved. 

Right now, we have two sources who put the Rams firmly in the running for Dahl. Those sources include Jim Thomas from the Post-Dispatch, who isn't given to reporting weakly sourced information. That makes it somewhat less likely that this is one of those free agent smoke screens, put out there by teams and player agents to muddle the market. 

However, there are other teams out there needing an offensive guard. Bidding wars should always eliminate the possibility of a foregone conclusion. That could further delay the process as other teams bring in Dahl in for a visit to entice him to come there. Maybe it won't get to that, but don't be surprised if a player getting interest from multiple teams wants to test the market when visits are allowed after 4 p.m. today. 

Nothing else has been said about the St. Louis Rams and Falcons RB Jason Snelling. Yesterday, the PD confirmed that Snelling was the Rams' top target at backup running back. Today's rumor floated up via a gas leak on Sirius/XM, which may have just been a twisted version of what the PD is already saying about Snelling as a target. There just isn't enough there yet to start buying your Jason Snelling Rams jersey. Like other free agents, Snelling might opt to push the market a little bit, booking a flight or two with the help of some other interested teams. 

We could know more this evening, when contracts can actually be signed. If not then, things will settle over the weekend, as teams get antsy to get their guys into the building next week and on the field come Thursday.