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Rams after Dahl or Waters at guard?

Twitter is a blessing and a curse.  It's a great way to communicate information, but most of that info is speculation or flat out untrue.  With that in mind some twitter sources have said that the Rams could possible be after Brian Waters or Harvey Dahl to play guard for the team.

Having either would instantly improve our o-line for next year.  We would have way better run blocking and with better run blocking there's better running, and with better running there's better passing....etc. etc.  It would lead to us having a better offense is the point.

The problem with them is they are short term, kind of expensive solutions.  They are both over 30, and so is Bell, but offensive linemen can play at older ages than most positions.  We would have a older lineup at guard, but we could always draft guys to replace them later.

Overall if we do get Water's or Dahl, I will be thrilled and we will instantly improve our offense.  I'm hoping the rumors are true, but than again it's Twitter.