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Sproles to Saints

Well, we can add Sproles to the list of unavailable top name free agents. Sproles signed with the New Orleans Saints on a 4 year contract worth $14m with $6m guaranteed.

Sproles is one of those shifty quick guys with return abilities and would have fit in well with McDaniels system however Van made a good point last night in saying that Sproles would not be a guy who could replace SJAX should (god forbid) he go down with injury.

I still believe the Rams are eyeing Snelling but we'll see. I honestly believe he will be a better fit for us, and not to mention a much cheaper price tag.

Many believe the Rams have more glaring holes to fill rather than backup running back and I do agree with that. A couple solid guards could make life easier on Jackson, as well as a mid-grade backup. I've seen lower grade runners look like pro-bowlers behind the right line.

Hopefully the Rams will make some moves today and/or through the weekend.