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Rams free agent rumors: Wide receivers

Dude, we're just as confused as you are.
Dude, we're just as confused as you are.

Are the St. Louis Rams looking for a wide receiver via free agency? Maybe. General manager Billy Devaney does seem to be at least checking on a few players, including dipping his toes in the water for Sidney Rice (signed by Seattle) and Malcom Floyd.

As far as the big names go, it seems like a stretch based on what Devaney said recently about their plans for free agency...the same thing he said last year and the year before that. The news that San Francisco WR Michael Crabtree landed on the PUP list injects a little more desperation into the receiver market. 

The Rams are looking at a few low-end options at receiver, including WR Brian Finneran, who was released by Devaney's old team, the Falcons. He would probably be more a veteran getting a shot in camp, think Ronald Curry a few years back, than a guaranteed roster spot. Michael Jenkins, another Falcons player getting the old heave-ho, might also garner some interest. At 6'5" he can fight for jump balls and work in traffic. More than anything, he has value as a blocker, and that's something the Rams might be able to use. They had terrible blocking among their skill players last year. 

The Falcons connection to keep an eye on is a running back, Jason Snelling.