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Random Ramsdom, 7/29: Recap of Crazy Week

What a free agency period it's been.  With the lockout ending free agency began and the process which usually takes months to finish got off to a fast start in a few days. There's been a lot of big name signings, including the Rams signing Quintin Mikell, but some are still disappointed that Mikell is the only Rams free agent signing so far.

On to the links

Saints boot Bush, sign Sproles

The Saints, as expected got rid of Reggie Bush.  They traded him to the Dolphins for Safety Jonathan Amaya and a swap of undisclosed draft picks.  Then they went out a day later and signed Darren Sproles, who was repeatedly linked to the Rams, but we ended up not being interested.  I found it strange that the Saints added him, since they already had Ingram, Thomas, and Ivory on the roster still.  He isn't as good of a weapon and a mismatch as Bush, but Sproles is still going to be effective for them. 

Panthers closing in on deal with Newton

The Panthers are about to sign Cam Newton, the first overall pick in the draft.  His deal accord to Jason La Canfora is going to be a 4 year deal for 23 million, all guaranteed.  That shows how drastically the rookie wage scale cut salaries for rookies since Bradford got 6 years for 78 million and 50 million guaranteed, that with incentives could land him 86 million.  Very drastic changes indeed.

Arizona's blockbuster trade 

As most of you know Arizona traded Dominque Rodgers-Cromartie and a 2nd round pick to the Eagles in exchange for Kevin Kolb.  They then signed Kolb to a contract extension for 5 years, 63 million dollars with 23 million guaranteed.  That is a huge overpayment for a guy who's hardly played in the NFL in my opinion.  Not only the contract, but the fact that they gave up a very high draft choice, along with a young, very talented CB in DRC.  Time will tell if this is a good deal for the Cardianls, but right now I'm thinking that this was a bad deal for them and that Andy Reid should now be put in jail for theft.

Robert Quinn being sued by former agent

Robert Quinn is being sued by former agent, Carl Carey, is suing Quinn.  He is trying to make sure the first $300,000 that Quinn's contract makes goes to him, as that is what Quinn owes him in loans.  He is also trying to make it so that Quinn's alleged new agency, Impact Sports, can't negotiate with the Rams on a new contract.  The thing is though that Impact Sports says that Quinn isn't their client.  If a settlement isn't reached quickly or the court doesn't rule on the injunction soon, it's becoming more and more likely that Quinn might have trouble being signed and might miss a lot of camp.  Billy Devanny said in a piece written by Mike Sando, that he wasn't worried right now.  They have a guy they are negotiating with and they won't panic now.  But if it gets like five days from now there's a problem, even though he doesn't expect it to.  That article was written 4 days ago, I'm freaking out now.  We need to get him into camp, and I'm hoping Quinn and Carey can reach a settlement.

That's all for today.  Have a good one and GO RAMS!!!