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NFL free agent rumors: Rams still seeking a defensive tackle

Losers in the Brandon Mebane sweepstakes, the St. Louis Rams are considering other, cheaper options to fill their needs along the defensive line. According to Jason LaCanfora of the NFL Network, those options could include Colts free agent Daniel Muir and Saints free agent Anthony Hargrove

The Muir possibility was put out there this morning. He's a guy who doesn't have much history as a pass rusher, but does have some unrealized potential. He turns 28 at the start of the season. 

Hargrove is an interesting name. Rams fans should remember him. A third-round pick in 2004, he was a defensive end prior to landing with the Saints. How he got to the Saints is yet another one of pro sports' many Horatio Alger stories. Traded to the Bills by the Rams, Hargrove was a problem player, missing meetings and dealing with substance abuse issues. Finally, in 2009, he landed with the Saints and brought himself back from the brink, picking up five sacks in 6 starts. Last year, he didn't start, playing as a rotational defensive tackle.

He has since slimmed down to under 280 lbs, looking to return to the DE spot. That makes it seem unlikely that the Rams are seriously considering him.