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St. Louis Rams sign Greg Salas

The St. Louis Rams have agreed to terms with their fourth-round pick, Hawaii wide receiver Greg Salas. Salas becomes the first member of the Rams' 2011 draft class to agree to terms. Deals with other draft picks can be expected to be announced soon. He will wear jersey number 87

Salas was considered by many to be a real steal in the fourth round. Some even viewed him as a better player than third-round pick Austin Pettis. Salas brings good hands along with a physical style of play that makes him a threat over the middle. 

We broke down some game tape on Salas earlier this summer. 

First round pick Robert Quinn will get around $8.4 million or so for his rookie deal, the most expensive of the Rams' picks, but far cheaper than their last few first rounders. 

News of Salas' agreeing to terms comes via Jim Thomas of the PD