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NFL free agent rumors: Rams not serious about Mebane

The St. Louis Rams did indeed have some interest in Seattle free agent DT Brandon Mebane. It sounds like nothing more than passing interest, based on the hefty price tag Mebane is likely to command. Seattle and Denver appear to be the only legitimate suitors for Mebane. 

This morning, the PD mentioned the Rams as unlikely to sign Mebane. This is the second report of that today. Seattle has made it a priority to keep Mebane, continuing a hefty offseason spending spree that included WR Sidney Rice. In spite of their QB questions, Seattle clearly believes that the NFC West can be had to the highest bidder, and given some of the questions surrounding the Rams, that belief isn't unfounded. 

Admit it. It hurts to watch a hated division rival gobble up prized free agents, even if the Rams don't really need those particular players. 

Today is just day three of free agent theater. Plenty more action is left to come, and will unfold as soon as some of the bigger deals fall into the place, like the Kolb trade, Namdi, etc. 

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UPDATE: It sounds like Seattle has already made it happen.