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Learning a new offense

With the free agent frenzy at full throttle one thing I think people are overlooking is that the Rams have a new offensive scheme that they will have to install in 5 weeks.  There is a complete different terminology the team will have to learn, along with new formations and plays.  As soon as training camp starts, the cramming will begin and everyone will have to be completely focused on the new offense and learn fast.  Good news is that Sam Bradford and Josh McDaniels had a 5 hour film study session on Tuesday since those two will have to get on the same page.

One thing that is in the Ram's favor is the fact that McDaniels was able to watch every play from every player over the lockout season.  He knows where everyone fits and what he wants out of them.  On the other hand though, he has yet to meet every player personally.  

One thing that I think people don't realize is that there will be a lot more carryover from Pat Shurmer's offense to McDaniel's offense than originally though.   This may be due to the lockout and the need to have plays that everyone already knows, or it may be that everyone runs a bit of west coast offense.  I actually didn't hate the playbook Shurmer had, I hated when he called certain plays and his conservative style.  The thing about Josh is that he will be aggressive in attacking every area of the field.  That we can be certain of.

Week to week our game plan will look drastically different, as is the territory with the McDaniels' offense.  This means we will have to have our player be able to learn quickly and be prepared for anything.

Overall I think early in the season the offense will be more simple than Josh would like, just due to the fact of not having the time to teach every formation and play.  After the first month though, I'm expecting to see the offense in full force.