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Free Agency: Two Busiest Days in NFL History

You might want to keep checking in to TurfShowTimes today, particularly this afternoon, as when 4PM hits teams can officially begin cutting players.

What does it mean? Well, it means that all HELL will start breaking loose as hundreds of players will most likely be hitting the availability block and looking for jobs.

 Perhaps the doors will open up for the Rams at positions of need like G, RB, OLB or DT? We'll see soon enough.

The last few days have been busy enough as teams had permission to agree in principal to contracts with players, however keep in mind these players can't officially be signed until 6pm Friday.. just a formality.

Most of the "big" names are gone now... Rice to the Seahawks,Bush to the Dolphins, and a move no one saw coming landed Haynesworth to the Pats which isn't a huge surprise with their history of working with troubled players (see: Randy Moss).

The Rams seem to be the patient player in all of this which I have no problem with as long as we can fill a few more holes with some decent players.

I actually love the fact that we're not throwing tons of money out there on players who quite frankly, could be on the downward spiral within a couple years.. let's be honest here, there is no way we can fill every hole in this years free agency or the draft but what we can do is plug some holes and look for the long term future of the team.

Let's see what happens through the weekend.. will we make a play on Sproles or perhaps Snelling? 

Let the games begin.