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NFL free agent rumors: Between Rams and Eagles for Reggie Bush?

NFL Network just dropped a hint of what might be the St. Louis Rams next move. Pravda Light just said on air that it was between the Rams and the Eagles for Reggie Bush. Reggie Bush might be the splashiest offensive pick up left in free agency for the Rams, in a division where their rivals are doubling down in free agency, sensing a division that could potentially belong to any one of them. 

This is hardly the first time that the Rams have been mentioned in the same breath as the former Kardashian. However, it is the first time that Bush's options have been narrowed down that far...and with the Eagles. The Eagles, in case you haven't noticed, have a Silk Road tour bus full of running backs. They might have even picked up Derrick Locke today. 

It might be as interesting to see what shakes loose from the Eagles, should such a scenario prove true. However, none of them would have the true potential of Reggie Bush, much less the name brand. This would not be a year, with a new owner, for the Rams to look stodgy in free agency. As the Josh McDaniels hiring reminds us, risk taking is in vogue at Rams Park this year. 

All of this assumes that Bush is cut loose tomorrow, which is a distinct possibility.

Additionally, the Rams are said to be interested in Green Bay OG Daryn Colledge. Depending on how serious their interest is, it would make for an interesting situation at guard. Could mean that Adam Goldberg isn't coming back. Could even mean that John Greco is seen as purely insurance. Could it also signal that Jacob Bell is seen as replaceable?

it should also be fairly obvious now that the offense is going to pass the ball...often.