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Looking West: The quarterback situation becomes clearer.

The other teams in the NFC West have been looking for guys to add at quarterback since the off-season started. The 49ers decided to draft Colin Kaepernick in the draft, but the Cardinals and the Seahawks decided to stand put, and wait for free agency.

Well, it looks like they should have their guys by the end of the week. Honesty, Bradford still looks like he will be by far the best quarterback next season, for the NFC West. But thats a few weeks down the road.

By looking at the other teams in the division offense, the quarterbacks should get a good chance to prove how good they are.

It will be interesting to see how the teams play, with new quarterbacks on board. Maybe they can help the NFC West, not be called the worst team in the division.

Seahawks Quarterbacks: Charlie Whitehurst and Tarvaris Jackson

The Seahawks decided to add Jackson to their roster, to compete with Whitehurst. In doing so, they closed the Matt Hasselbeck era and are starting anew. The Seahawks have surrounded the two quarterbacks with a solid offensive line and a solid running game. They still are looking for a big play receiver, so they are in the Sidney Rice sweepstakes. 

It's a guess to which one of these quarterbacks will win the contest for the starting job. Jackson has had some playing time as a start a couple seasons ago. Well Whitehurst, he won his first start to beat the Rams and get the Seahawks to the playoffs, but was benched the next week for Matt Hasselbeck.

If the week 17 game was any evidence, the Seahawks will simplify their playbook. They will let the QB's use their athleticism, like Sam Bradford did last year. But ultimately they will be asked to manage the game.

49ers Quarterbacks: Alex Smith and Colin Kaepernick 

The 49ers, decided to bring Smith in to mentor their second round pick Colin Kaepernick, and start for the 49ers. They have a pretty good offense on paper. They still have young Crabtree at reciever, a good playmaking tight end in Vernon Davis and a good running back in Frank Gore.

They have to be hoping that Alex Smith, can play better than he did in past seasons. The team most likely don't want to throw their rookie into the wolves just yet. 

However, after watching Smith play the last few years, it would be shocking if young Kaepernick, doesn't start eventually this season.

Cardinals Quarterbacks:

Max HallJohn Skelton, and (maybe) Kevin Kolb

From what I know, the Cardinals are returning their two young quarterbacks., and releasing Derek Anderson. They have also been trying desperately to get Kevin Kolb. Right now, it appears like they are the only bidder for him, and should be getting him by the end of the week. If the Cardinals somehow don't get Kolb, I wouldn't be surprised to see them go after Vince Young.

The Cardinals are look like they are losing one of their wide receivers in Steve Breaston, to free agency. They still have Larry Fitzgerald and drafted Ryan Williams at running back. This could be a good offense, for whoever the QB is for Arizona.

I would be surprised if Kevin Kolb, or whoever the Cardinals bring in doesn't get the job. If the Cardinals do get Kevin Kolb, who knows how he will play in a 16 game season. He has had his up and downs, in limited action.