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Rams considering PSL price cuts for next year?

The St. Louis Rams want fans to come back. On front in that effort is happening right now, as the team upgrades the roster with solid drafts and free agent signings like S Quintin Mikell. The other prong in their strategy is fan relations, a heavy part of which involves ticket prices.

According to Darren Rovell, CNBC's sports business reporter, Stan Kroenke's team is considering slashing PSL prices for next half. St. Louis was one of two NFL teams to offer season tickets at the low, low price of $250for this year, a good way to help assuage memories of the lockout and put butts in seats again. 

It's not confirmed yet, but if it is, it's a powerful PR move for the Rams that should help cement their St. Louis fan base...and maybe get people hooked when it comes time to sell more expensive PSLs to fans in a new stadium. Maybe. 

Single game tickets should go on sale any day now for the 2011 season.