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NFL free agent rumors: Rams chasing Brandon Mebane

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The St. Louis Rams are said to be interested in another big ticket free agent, Seattle defensive tackle Brandon Mebane. Left unsettled with the outcome of week 17, the Rams might be looking to exact a little revenge on the Seahawks via the free agent market, competing with their division rivals for the services of Mebane and Vikings WR Sidney Rice. 

The Mebane report comes via Michael Lombardi with the NFL Network. The Rams, Seahawks and the Denver Broncos are the three teams named in the hunt for Mebane. That's good news for Mebane, who will see his price tag go up considerably with that many teams in the market for his services.

Mebane is the prize catch among 4-3 defensive tackles right now. Barry Cofield, another top DT on the market, signed with Washington, but the Rams were said to be "lukewarm" on the former Giant anyway. Cofield got a six-year, $36 million deal with $12.5 million guaranteed. Mebane's contract would likely exceed that. 

We'll see what's real and what's subterfuge soon enough. If the Rams did get Mebane, they'd have one helluva defensive line.