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Rams free agent rumors: Rams interested in Melvin Bullitt?

NFL rumors now have the St. Louis Rams interested in another safety, Melvin Bullitt of the Indianapolis Colts. An Indianapolis media person is reporting that the Rams and their division rivals, the Arizona Cardinals, have interest in the free safety. What would the Rams want with another safety after signing Quintin Mikell yesterday?

First and foremost, depth. Beyond Dahl and Mikell the Rams have a James Butler and a handful of untested rookies, including this year's fifth-round pick Jermale Hines from Ohio State.

Bullitt possesses real speed, something that the Rams could use more of on defense. He had 4 interceptions in 2008, but isn't really a ballhawk type of player. In fact, Bullitt is a strong safety with the Colts, though some safeties tend to be somewhat interchangeable. 

Don't discount the possibility of the Rams, once again, getting used by agents and/or entourages as a leverage situations. Bullitt won't come cheaply, and it's hard to imagine the Rams pouring more money into the safety position. If they are truly serious about Bullitt, it might signal that they don't see Craig Dahl as a starter, more of a role player, depth type. Hines has a future, but is probably limited to the fourth safety spot and special teams as a rookie. 

UPDATE: Bullitt re-signed with the Colts.