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Rams free agents: Clayton still in the plans for St. Louis

In March, the St. Louis Rams were inches away from re-signing free agent wide receiver Mark Clayton. Bradford's favorite target through four and half games never got so much as a mention as free agency re-opened this week. I thought that seemed curious, half wondering if the Rams were still committed to returning Clayton this year. Apparently, the are. 

Howard Blazer of ESPN 101 told us via Twitter last night that the Rams would re-sign Clayton. Funky free agent rules prevent the Rams from fulfilling this foregone conclusion until Friday, when free agents can actually sign the deals agreed to in this week. 

Here's a look at just how close the two sides were in March. 

Pulling the contract after nearly completing the deal might not stand as the classiest move, but this is, above all, a business. That said, Clayton was on his way to a career renaissance, emergence really, before a patellar tendon tear against Detroit in week 5 last year. Having an established receiver on the roster, at what will probably be reasononable terms, makes sense for the Rams, who seem unlikely to pursue any of the bigger names among free agent receivers. 

Clayton did recently take up official residence in St. Louis,