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2011 NFL Free Agency Rumors: Bulger, Plaxico and other castoffs

NFL free agency has single-handedly sliced America productivity by record levels this week. Good for you, America. Take a moment away from declining empires, crushing debt, blind juries, work and all that other stuff cluttering up you life for the NFL. Yesterday bled into this morning with a second wave of free agent announcements, from Barry Cofield to Matt Hasselbeck, who agreed to terms with the Titans.

Who will the St. Louis Rams pursue after scoring one of the premier safeties on the market? I suspect the rumor mill will provide some grist today.

For your non-Rams related free agency and trade rumor talk, be sure to check out SBNation's NFL page.

Elsewhere around the league, the Plaxico Burress drama moved back to New York, where his former team is now believed to be interested. Talk of the Rams' interest in Burress should be taken with a a heavy dose of skepticism, but I suspect their name will continue to pop up as Burress' camp looks to drive up the price.

Old friend Marc Bulger is back in the news too, as teams look for veteran quarterback help. Look for the debate about whether or not Bulger can be a started again to be answered soon.

Draft picks will get this week as well. Tampa Bay agreed to a deal with first-round pick Adrian Clayborn, making him the first first-round pick to agree to a deal.

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