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NFL free agent rumors: Bush, Burress and NFC West scramble

For the St. Louis Rams, the big news of the day was signing free agent safety Quintin Mikell. However, trade rumors and free agent whispers continue throughout the league, ranging from exciting to easily overlooked, depending on your perspective. There are even a few rumors floating around about the Rams, let's review.

Back to Mikell. I'm as guilty as the next, but the cap fretting is overwrought. Teams find ways to make it happen, including teams that are always over the cap. Mikell signed a deal reported worth $27 million with $14 million guaranteed, according to ESPN 101. Some of those guarantees could have to do with injuries; Mikell is 31. And it's still not clear, not at all, how that deal will effect the Rams' cap situation. Remember, bonuses can be spread out over time versus the cap and other quirks exist to make it fit. Stay tuned. 

Rumors about Reggie Bush being on the Rams wish list are still floating around out there tonight. Bush is one potential option, as soon as the Saints cut him or trade him, on a list that includes Darren Sproles, Steve Slaton, and possibly even Jerome Harrison, who the Eagles have cut ties with, or will. Another rumor has Plaxico Burress on the minds of Rams front office personnel, to which I say bollocks. Tony Softli was the latest to push those rumors, so consider the source. In his Tweet that should have been a blog post, the man partially responsible for the Rams drafts of 2006 and 2007, called Bush a free agent (he is not) and responsible for "40 percent" of the Saints offense (which is is also not). 

Elsewhere around the league, the NFC West teams not based in St. Louis are searching for QBs. The 49ers returned Alex Smith for $5 million. Seattle is in a dogfight over...Matt Leinart, having agreed to a deal with Tavaris Jackson earlier in the day. Arizona may face an Eagles team having second thoughts about trading Kevin Kolb as the market for his services, and the price tag, shrinks. 

In ring number three, teams continue to inform players that they will be released. Astute GMs can usually find useful players among that group. 

Today was a huge day for TST, and I want to personally say thanks to all the fans for stopping by. We're here all year and are excited about the ever growing community of Rams fans we have. Be sure to hit us up on Facebookand follow us on Twitter too