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Late night discussion: Plaxico Burress or Mark Clayton

First of, let me say that I'm finally happy that the lockout is over. The Rams didn't get any exciting UDFA this morning, but they got a great safety in Quintin Mikell, who agreed to terms with the team today. However, that wasn't the only news regarding the Rams today. Tony Softli reported on twitter that sources said the Rams were highly interested in Reggie Bush (not a huge shocker) and Plaxico Burress.

The Rams struggled at the wide receiver position and almost every reporter in the sports media, has linked the Rams with Burress.

The Rams were also interested in bringing back Mark Clayton, before the lockout started. Mark Clayton could end up back with the team, but it doesn't seem reasonable that they will bring Clayton back, if they sign Burress.

Plaxico Burress

First off, Its been said that Burress has kept in shape. When he was in the league he wasn't one of the best wide receivers, but he was real productive. Burress is the definition of a possession receiver, he is tall, not real fast, but a good redzone target.

Burress has been in jail almost two years. That's a long time to be away from football. He still has all the physical tools, but will he be a good receiver this season? It took Michael Vick a year to get back up to NFL speed, and it probably wouldn't be realistic to say that Burress will have a big impact this season, let alone the beginning of it.

Mark Clayton

Clayton came to the Rams last year via trade, after Donnie Avery got injured. Him and Bradford had instant chemistry from the moment they stepped on the football fall. Clayton was very impressive, until he suffered a bad leg injury, that cut his season short.

Its easy to say Clayton will be a Ram this season, but lets not forget about that bad injury. No one knows how Clayton will perform when he finally comes back. Him and Bradford had good chemistry last season, but could Bradford make any WR with talent good? Clayton was a vet, compared to the other players the team had at wide receiver. Also, the Rams really don't have to bring Clayton back.