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NFL free agent rumors: Rams interested in Plaxico Burress?

The St. Louis Rams are said to be one of three teams interested in free agent WR Plaxico Burress. According to Mike Garafolo of the Newark Star-Ledger, the Rams, Texans and Bears are three teams said to be among the most interested in the handgun enthusiast's services. 

Excuse me if I sound dubious, because I am. It sounds to me like this is a classic game of leverage, as in when a player or his camp leak team names to the press in order to drum up interest...and the asking price. Check out what Garafolo says:

...three teams have kind of bubbled to the surface: the Texans, Bears and Rams. That list is according to someone who has remained in contact with Burress about his free-agent plans. The person requested anonymity because negotiations are ongoing.

"Someone in contact with Burress" strongly hints at this as a negotiating tactic. It happens all the time, and will be happening much more over the course of the week. Head coach Steve Spagnuolo knows Plax from his time with the Giants, and supposedly thinks highly of him. Burress would be a redundancy on the Rams roster, eating up precious salary cap space.