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Spagnuolo: Rams players have no major health concerns

St. Louis Rams head coach Steve Spagnuolo spoke to the press this afternoon. Talking for about half an hour, he gave some insight into where his teams stands after months of being locked out and out of touch with their players. The best news he delivered was on the injury front. 

According to Spagnuolo, there were "no red alerts" on the injury front among players on the Rams roster. That's good news. It had been reported in recent weeks that several NFL players had dealt with offseason injuries during the lockout. Not all players have reported to Rams Park yet, but you have to think that Spagnuolo would be aware of major injury concerns via back channels. There's still the little matter of players showing up overweight and out of football shape. 

Among Spags' most notable comments, he said that there would be "some tweaking" of McDaniels playbook. Rams fans, still haunted by visions of dink and dunk passing last year, gasped for air. Not to worry. It has more to do with having no contact with players over the last five months, when they would have normally been learning the playbook. Personally, I think it actually might help the Rams by allowing a bright young QB like Sam Bradford to take on more of the offense, calling more of his own plays at the line and moving his players to create mismatches with opposing defenses. Remember how much more effective the Rams offense seemed last year when they ran the no-huddle? 

GM Billy Devaney takes the podium at 4 p.m. Watch his presser right here. 


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