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Cuts: available players so far

It's been a busy afternoon for almost all 32 NFL teams. Since we are all so nervously fretting who the Rams will sign (I mean, seriously Pete Carroll... 19 UDFA's?), I thought I'd give a little update to who HAS been released, and who on our (see: fans) radar may not still be available. So let's get crackin':


  • Logan Mankins is planning to sign his franchise tender. Odds of him getting dealt are slim, but you can never be sure with the Patriots
  • The Rams may make a pass for Rich Seuburt (PS, he's a guard, if you didn't already know). Why? Well, because he used to play for the Giants, of course. That's all a pundit really needs as a 'source', right?
  • Marion Barber, Roy Williams and Leonard Davis all received the boot in Dallas. Could they fit into the Six Degrees of Steve Spagnuolo as well?
  • Todd Heap, Willis McGahee, Derrick Mason and Kelly Gregg were all cut by the Ravens today. Personally, I don't see Mason coming back again, but you never know...
  • Paul Posluszny is diving right into free agency. Donte Whitner will be joining him, as he was not satisfied with the Bills last offer.
  • Sports Illustrated has a list of 'expected cuts'.

That's all for now.