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Rams draft picks: Robert Quinn fires agent, could hold up contract talks with Rams

The St. Louis Rams' first-round draft pick, North Carolina DE Robert Quinn, has fired his agent, Carl Carey. The news was first reported by Liz Mullen of the Sports Business Journal today. Unfortunately, it's not as simple as firing him and finding a new agent. Carey is taking legal action to prevent Quinn from negotiating with the Rams using the services of Impact Sports, the player's new agency. 

That could be a problem for Quinn and the Rams. If the court sits on the case too long, it has the possibility of delaying Quinn's signing with the Rams. Every single day that the rookie isn't in camp matters, especially after missing offseason workouts and facing a limited amount of time to get ready for the regular season. 

According to Mullen, the Rams did know of the situation with Quinn and Carey as of last night. 

Under the new CBA rules for draft pick salaries, Quinn would make in the area of $8.1 million over the life of his contract. Negotiations shouldn't take too long with draft picks this year.