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Undrafted free agents: CB James Dockery opts to Browns over Rams

After agreeing in principal with the St. Louis Rams last night, Oregon State CB James Dockery has had a change of heart. He will sign with the Cleveland Browns instead of the Rams, according to Dockery himself.

However my family and I have decided that Stl is not the best fit for me! with that in Mind, I'll be taking my " Talents" to...

The Cleveland Browns !!!!! Lets Go Dawg Pound..Thats Official!!!!

Don't feel too scorned Rams fans. I understand. He has a better chance of making the roster in Cleveland, versus the Rams who have more experienced corners in Jerome Murphy, Marquis Johnson and Justin King on the depth chart ahead of him. 

Another intriguing UDFA signing for the Rams today: Illinois OG Randall Hunt. Even with limited upside, he does have some ability to be a power blocker. Can he make the roster? Would love to hear from some of our Illini fans.