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"Locke Out"

With the NFL doors now open and UDFA signings underway, most Rams fans had their eyes on Derrick Locke, RB from Kentucky.

No question the Rams needed a change of pace back and although Locke lacked the ideal size for a prototypical back, he would compliment Jackson well in McDaniel's system as he has the quickness and hands that could compliment the attack well.

For those questioning his size, ask Woodhead in New England if size matters. Or perhaps our own Danny Amendola (WR).

However, it doesn't matter now, as Locke announced (officially, unofficially?) on his Facebook page that he is signing with the Vikings by way of a pic of himself wearing a Vikings tee-shirt and cap.

The Vikings? Really? With AP in Minnesota one has to wonder why he would make this choice unless he likes riding pine.

We'll see how it plays out as a backup RB has to be #1 priority. Let the games begin!