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NFL free agency rumors and trade talk

Technically, teams cannot start signing NFL free agents until Friday, when contracts become official. Front offices can, however, start the process today by bringing players in for visits and negotiating contracts. Trades are allowed to happen today, and there are already reports of players being put on the block. The St. Louis Rams are expected to be active in free agency, targeting essential roster needs such as running back, defensive tackle, safety, outside linebacker and depth throughout the roster. 

If you thought last night's undrafted free agency talk was a frenzy, just wait and see what today and the rest of the week have in store for you. 

Free agent and trade rumors are starting to percolate this morning, with kick off time for the derby at 9 a.m. Central. Kevin Kolb to the Cardinals is one move sure to be announced; the only surprise will be what the Eagles fetch in return. Speaking of NFC West QB situations, the Seahawks are said to be hot on the trail of Tavaris which we say awesome. 

One early free agent note of interest for those of you still hoping the Rams add a wide receiver: the Chargers are not expected to bring back WR Malcom Floyd. An established deep threat and a Wyoming alum, I like to think of Floyd as a more established version of what Danario Alexander can be. 

Among the questions to ask, which players on the roster could become cap casualties? I think S James Butler is probably a goner with a $3 million salary. However, most the Rams cap money is tied up in Chris Long, Jason Smith and Sam Bradford, who is due a big $18 million bonus this year. The Rams have roughly $12 million in cap space as it stands right now, though there are conflicting reports. 

We'll leave this as an open thread for you to talk trade, free agents, etc. throughout the day. We'll post when there's breaking news or other interesting stuff to talk about. Also, be sure to follow us on twitter where the talk will be going back and forth at breakneck speed. 

UPDATE: So far, the only Rams-related free agent rumor has them interested in Panthers' LB Thomas Davis.