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Turf Show Radio: Season 3 premiere - Sat., 6pm ET


  Football is back, and so is Turf Show Radio.  This Saturday at 6pm, Van and I (and possibly a special guest) open up the lines for another edition of TSR to talk UDFAs, veteran free agents, and training camp.  To join us on the show, call (724) 444-7444.  The show ID is 97249.

  It's a day full of coincidence.  Van and I open the third season of TSR on the same day the Rams' can practice as a full squad, veterans and all.  It's also Jean Reno's birthday, and he's been in some decent flicks.  But it's Bud Selig's birthday too, and he's a crusty asshat.

  But, wait now it's good again, because Saturday is also the birthday of Matisyahu, king of the Jewish reggae scene.  Ah damnit, it's a bad coincidence day; July 30 is Aleix Espargaró's birthday.  You may know him as a mediocre motorcycle racer on Pramac's racing team.  No?  Oh, right football.  Wait, that's it!  Terry Crews!

  Terry Crews, noted thespian and an 11th round pick by the Los Angeles Rams in 1991, was also born on July 30!  The circle is complete!

  Hopefully, I won't dive into one of these sidebars of stupidity on the show.  But like Smokey the Bear said, "Only you can prevent 3k from saying dumb stuff.  And forest fires."

  Oh, and Quintin Mikell is a St. Louis Ram.