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Undrafted free agents: DT Arthur Thomas, Arkansas - Pine Bluff

Last year the St. Louis Rams added a DT via undrafted free agency that ended up sticking on the 53-man roster and making an impact. This year, Arthur Thomas would like to capture some of the same magic that Jermelle Cudjo had last year. 

Like Cudjo, Thomas comes from a small, regional school, University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff in this case. Cudjo went to the University of Central Oklahoma. Like many small school prospects, Thomas did not get a Combine invite, but he did have the chance to workout for scouts at a pro day event in the spring. 

Thomas is 6'" 308 lbs. Besides football, he did a little track and field in college, the hammer throw, discus and shot put. Not so much a three technique, according to reports, Thomas holds the point of attack well thanks to his strength. He'll get a shot in camp to compete for spot in the Rams rotation along the defensive line.