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Undrafted free agents: Derrick Locke still undecided

One of the more popular rumors floating around last night was that the St. Louis Rams had agreed to terms with Kentucky RB Derrick Locke, a speedy playmaker who was considered one of the best undrafted free agents available. He did not agree to terms with the Rams, or any other team. 

Asked via his Facebook page, Locke said that he had not agreed to a deal with the Rams. Earlier this morning he did post that he would announce which team he signs with. Stay tuned. 

I hope that Locke does choose the Rams. He's the kind of playmaker that can an offense tough to defend with his speed and versatility. 

Even if the Rams do sign Locke, don't look for them to pass on Darren Sproles...or a couple other veteran free agent possibilities. I'm told that Sproles is a priority for the Rams. Locke would be a great add, but the Rams need an established player to pair with Steven Jackson, i.e. a little more of a sure thing. 

Even with Sproles and Jackson, the Rams could still use another running back. Personally, I think a power, short yardage guy would be ideal, someone to compete with Keith Toston and Chauncey Washington