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Undrafted free agents: Rams add QB Taylor Potts

Reports of undrafted free agents agreeing to deals burned up the wires last night. It treated the most dedicated NFL fans to the kind of spectacle once reserved for the first days of free agency or draft day. Players, agents, media and bloggers reported up the the second news of the latest undrafted free agent signings. 

Josh McDaniels added another quarterback to his stable, as the St. Louis Rams agreed to terms with Texas Tech QB Taylor Potts. Potts will compete for the third QB spot on the roster with Thaddeus Lewis, an undrafted rookie the Rams signed last year. 

And what kind of player is Potts? Well, the words "Texas Tech" automatically tell you that he knows the spread offense. National Football Post notes a guy with rough mechanics that lead to spotty accuracy and throws that tend to hang in the air. Potts does have the size at 6'5" 222 lbs. He resembles Matt Cassel to an extent, albeit a very raw version. 

Rob Rang of NFL Draft Scout noted his performance at the NFLPA Game this spring, displaying "intelligence, accuracy and leadership." 

Potts is very much the kind of developmental QB you'd expect McDaniels to sign. Now, whether or not he makes it beyond the practice squad or beats out Thaddeus Lewis remains to be seen.