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Undrafted free agent signings: Rams adding to their roster

NFL teams are free to negotiate with undrafted rookie free agents tonight. Judging by the activity on Twitter, it's happening at a breakneck pace. Some of the most well-known names among undrafted rookie free agents have already landed deals, including Clemson S DeAndre McDaniel. According to early reports the St. Louis Rams have been linked to a couple names already. 

I've heard from two sources, including NFL Draft Monsters, that they've been talking to Kentucky RB Derrick Locke. Locke is a versatile offensive player who can catch the ball and burn up the track on the outside. 

Oregon State CB James Dockery is a Ram...or will be when UDFA deals are official tomorrow. Dockery is 6'1" 181 lbs. He lost part of career to injury, rebounding over his junior and senior seasons. He runs a 4.43 on a good day, so not just a ton of speed. Has played in man coverage. Would be a long shot to make the team, but you never know. 

I'll leave this thread open tonight, and update it with the UDFA news we get. For a complete list, check out NE Patriots Draft...btw, Seattle's killing it on the UDFA signings. 

UPDATE: More and more people are hearing Derrick Locke to the Rams. If it proves to be true, it would be a real nice get. His speed and versatility as an outside runner or pass catcher would be a big boost to the Rams. He'd be a little like Danny Woodhead in NE, since I'm legally required now to compare every player to something from Josh McDaniels' past.