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2011 NFL Free Agents: The official list of Rams free agents, restricted and unrestricted

The St. Louis Rams have only a handful of free agents from last year's roster. Nobody on that list figures to be in their top tier highly paid group. The NFL released the official list of free agents this afternoon via press release. Here are the official restricted free agents for the Rams and their status along with the unrestricted players. 

Restricted free agents with tender level on the right.

Chamberlain, Chris, LB (7th)

Foster, Renardo, OT (ROFR)

Greco, John, OG (3rd)

Vobora, David, LB (7th)

Those are original round tenders. That Greco received a third round tender, to me, suggests that the Rams will be looking closely at him in camp this year, determining his future with the team. 

Restricted free agents who did not receive tender offers from the Rams

Quincy Butler, CB

Kenneth Darby, RB

Curtis Johnson, LB

There's always the possibility that these guys could be back, though it's not likely. Butler could if the Rams get hit with injuries and need to bring in a player who knows the system. I felt like Butler was a solid player in the past, for depth, but judging players on the Rams rosters in recent years tends to skew honest evaluation. 

Unrestricted free agents

Mark Clayton, WR
Kevin Dockery, CB
Daniel Fells, TE
Gary Gibson, DT
Adam Goldberg, OL
Chris Hovan, DT
Darcy Johnson, TE
Michael Lewis, S
Laurent Robinson, WR
Clifton Ryan, DT
Derek Schouman, TE

Most likely to return from that list are Clayton, Gibson and Goldberg. Of those three, Clayton's the closest to a sure thing. I don't know why, but the Rams are not planning to bring back Ryan. He seemed like a solid player. He was, however, from a previous era, not conducive to a player's longevity under new coaches. Fells and Robinson received RFA tenders when there was a question about whether the league would return to the no-cap rules. There's a good chance Fells comes back to compete for a roster spot. Robinson, I'm not so sure about, given their depth at receiver. Hovan is retired. Good riddance to Darcy Johnson and Dockery. You'd think Michael Lewis would have an advantage in coming back given the situation at safety. 

Lots of activity on tap for the next week. Stay tuned to TST and be sure to follow us on Twitter too.