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The NFL lockout is over - the Rams schedule this week

  Yes, by now you know - the NFL lockout is over.  Which means the battles we enjoy, the fight for annual supremacy, is on and poppin'.  It's a vital week for every one of the NFL's 32 franchises to go from a dead stop to a full sprint as quickly and as smoothly as possible.  Here's how it shakes out for the Rams:

Monday Teams allowed to build 90-man rosters
Official free agent database provided to teams*
Tuesday Trading window opens
Starting at 10am ET, teams can sign draft picks, UDFAs and FAs†
Signed players allowed access to team facilities
Thursday Starting at 4pm ET, teams can release signed players
Friday Players report to Rams Park
Saturday First official team practice

  * Here's a solid list of free agents from ESPN.

  † in principle.  The actual signing and filing of FA contracts can't occur until Friday, but negotiations and agreements may begin to take place for veteran FAs, regardless of team, on Tuesday.  Full signing of draft picks and UDFAs may take place on Tuesday.

  Time to go to work, Billy Devaney and Spags.  We've been waiting for this for four months.  Don't let us down.