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NFL free agency 2011 timeline

Fans of the St. Louis Rams and NFL free agency are about to get Christmas in July. The NFL will be getting back to business real, real soon, possibly this afternoon. Representatives from the NFLPA executive committee are expected to vote on a settlement today, followed by a vote of all 32 team representatives. If things play out as they are expected to, teams will be working today to get the 2011 season back on track. 

According to the timeline currently being reported, teams can start negotiating today. Tomorrow, is when the real fun begins, kind of. Let's look at the timeline as being reported now.

Team can sign rookies, make trades and begin negotiations with unrestricted free agents starting tomorrow. Trades and free agent contracts would not become official until July 30. Team facilities can open tomorrow as well. Tuesday's action includes undrafted rookie free agents, who can sign with a team starting tomorrow. 

Training camps start Wednesday, staggering openings through Saturday based on their preseason opener. The Rams start training camp on Friday. 

Players can be released on Thursday, July 28, with the waiver wire action starting at 4 p.m. Eastern that day. 

You'll be shocked to learn that teams have already started talking to agents over the weekend. The negotiation window prior to the date that contracts become official should eliminate tampering, something that was guaranteed to happen under the prior reports of a three day exclusive negotiating window. Obviously, tampering already happened.

All of this is going to be unfolding at a breakneck pace in the coming days. We'll have your covered with all the reports of the Rams' activity right here with in-depth analysis. To get minute-by-minute action, be sure to follow us on Twitter