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St. Louis Rams training camp opens Friday, July 29

The St. Louis Rams start training camp on Friday, July 29, barring yet another twist in the process of NFL owners and players reaching a settlement to end the lockout. Camp start dates are staggered this week. The first group gets underway on Wednesday, the ten teams who play their first preseason games on August 11. Ten more teams open camp on Thursday, scheduled for preseason games on August 12. The Rams and the other 9 teams playing on August 13 start Friday, with the last two teams opening on Saturday.

As it stands right now.

Repeat that sentence over and over again today...until the NFLPA votes at least.

By all accounts a deal is done. The NFLPA executive committee will vote this afternoon. And business will resume very quickly after that...maybe this afternoon.

As you know, the Hall of Fame Game scheduled for August 7 is cancelled. The NFL made that official on Thursday of last week. Their first preseason game is at home against the Indianapolis Colts on Saturday, August 13.

August outdoors in St. Louis never sounded so good.