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Random Ramsdom, 7/23: About those surprise items in the owners' proposal...

random ramsdom 1
random ramsdom 1

The St. Louis Rams are scheduled to start training in the next month, how about that? Settlement and labor talks continue, with a resolution coming eventually. That much we know, which is really better than what we knew, say, in April. It's all in how you look at it, huh? Ok, some links.

The open items before the league’s approval of the labor deal
When everything blew up on Thursday evening, players reportedly saw a deal approved by owners somewhat different than the deal they had tacitly agreed to the day before. And what exactly were those changes? The biggest issue seems to be the opt out after seven years. It was left as an open item in Wednesday's deal, but removed from the deal approved by owners the next day. Players complained about owners opting out of the last one and they want their own opt out? Game day rosters are also an issue, with 47 players being set forth in the agreed upon version and 4, because of the third QB, in the owner-approved one. Also an issue, injured player benefits, a big one. Take a look at the open items on this list.

Vincent Jackson drops demands
According to Adam Schefter, Vincent Jackson has dropped his demands for money and franchise tag exceptions. He still comes out of this looking like an MVP asshole. news: Running-back market thin on star power, but talent is available
Pat Kirwan of lists his top five running backs available in free agency. He points to both Darren Sproles and Jason Snelling as potential fits for the St. Louis Rams. Snelling gets talked about more and more every day.

Visit to Alabama can be one-stop shopping for NFL scouts
Rob Rang talks Alabama and its usual bevvy of NFL prospects. Seven of their seniors have a draftable grade, and when you throw in underclassmen like Trent Richardson, Dre Kirkpatrick and the others, you can understand why they compete for national championships every year.

Ohio State, the luckiest NCAA football program of all
Despite damning evidence, Ohio State escapes failure to monitor charge from the NCAA. Wow. Just wow.