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Friday night open thread: Which Rams receivers will have the biggest season?

I can't leave things on a lockout note. I just can't do that to you. All day, all week...hell, all summer and even before that fans, pundits and statheads have pondered just which members of the St. Louis Rams will benefit the most from new offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels' high scoring offensive system. Obviously, the answer is Sam Bradford, but I'm talking more about the receivers or any other players eligible to catch passes. 

Here's the open thread tonight. Predict the top three players on the 2011 St. Louis Rams who will end the season with the most receptions. The top three players who have the most catches during the regular season, not necessarily wide receivers, but any player who will be catching the ball with some frequency. Who will be the top three in terms of receptions? 

Have at it.