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NFL lockout: Vote could happen this weekend

Up and down, up and down...
Up and down, up and down...

Don't like the direction settlement talks are going for the NFL lockout? Just wait an hour, things are bound to change. After sending out an email to rank and file players, it is now being reported that the NFLPA could vote to approve the settlement BEFORE Monday

That gives us no idea what the post-lockout timeline would look like. It would put things on course to getting the gates open at NFL team facilities sooner rather than later. That's about as specific as it gets right now, but that's probably for the best. Fans and the media have driven themselves crazy trying to watch all of this unfold with minute-by minute updates.

But now, it's Friday night. While the lawyers and the others most heavily involved continue the task of sorting this mess out, nothing else is going to happen tonight. And probably not this weekend either. So take it easy. Know that football will return, with a free agent matinee unfolding at breakneck speed. Get yourself rested up this weekend.