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NFL Insider on Hall of Fame Game "can't see that game happening"

Don't cry Marshall. Rampage will be there for you.
Don't cry Marshall. Rampage will be there for you.

Hopefully, you bought refundable tickets if you had plans to drag your family to Ohio for the Hall of Fame Game on August 7. In jeopardy because of the NFL lockout, the NFL officially put the game's status into question yesterday with the antitrust settlement still not approved. Now, the demise of this year's Hall of Fame Game is all but eminent, according to one NFL insider. 

Don Banks of Sports Illustrated delivered the news moments ago via Twitter. Here's Banks:

If anyone at this point still thinks HOF Game is going to be played on time, they're a confirmed optimist. I can't see that game happening.

It was supposed to be a foray into the national spotlight for an up-and-coming St. Louis Rams team...a game featuring mostly roster fringe and even less excitement than regular preseason games. Don't worry, the Rams have two prime time games this year, at least, which will give them plenty of spotlight when game matter. 

Rampage, the St. Louis Rams mascot, and the cheerleaders are still heading to Canton, game or no game. As Rampage told us today (yes, I talked to the mascot and Donnie Darko is a personal favorite), they'll still be part of the induction ceremony, hospital visits and a parade. 

UPDATE: Add Brian Urlacher to the list of those who think the game is a no-go